01 Exchange: Q3 Recap

01 Exchange
3 min readSep 30, 2022

Beta launch, a new powerful and seamless UI and UX, lot of new features added at the request of 01 users, Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders, and much more! Let’s dig into what it was another quarter of building!

We started the quarter by introducing Beta, an NFT-gated 01 to push new, experimental and exclusive features before pushing them to Main. It provides those with access an opportunity to be part of the design process of 01 and for the team to gather feedback and work on it.

Initially, access to Beta was exclusive to 01 Allegiance NFTs, but later in the month, access was expanded to wallets holding a Serum Surfer as well — the NFT Collection of one of our key partners, @ProjectSerum -.

Alongside Beta, we launched a new, powerful, and seamless user interface (UI) and experience (UX) with pro traders in mind.

Existing DeFi and crypto UI and UX are clunky, non-intuitive, inconsistent, and outdated, working against their users and not for them. Because of this, as traders, the team at 01 Exchange sought to rebuild the trading interface and end-to-end trading experience with consumers and pro-traders in mind… With a product-first mindset, the team built the new UI and UX so that it would help, not hinder, users to trade more efficiently.

Not only did these new looks come with a fully revamped UI, but also with a lot of new information and features added at the request of 01 users. To mention a few…

  • PnL Curve that shows the last 2000 trades, along trade history broken down day by day
  • Settle Funding without the need to add or reduce existing positions size
  • Active trades and open orders are now shown in the 01 TradingView chart
  • Funding only tab with details of all funding payments
  • Trade history shows if trades were executed as maker or taker
  • Revamped dashboard with new account information and infographics
  • Multiple new NFT teams verified
  • Customizable names
  • Leaderboard improvements
  • Possibility to look into leaderboard accounts details (balance, open positions, PnL history chart)
  • Trade, PnL, and Transfer History in dashboard along with the option to export it to CSV

We also introduced one of our most requested features — Stop and Take Profit Orders -. Just like our new UI and UX, new order types were initially launched to Beta, and after 2 weeks of collecting and working on Users’ feedback, they were made available for everybody.

This advanced order type can be helpful for 01 Users to protect their capital by being able to limit their downsize with Stop Loss orders as well as locking in profits with Take Profit Orders.

All of this while having a lot of fun with our community — Bytes. Multiple events were hosted weekly… Twitter Threads grants and competitions, Merch design grants, multiple poker tournaments with over 100 players, Trivias, Townhalls and various other events hosted on our Discord Server and Twitter.

A lot was built and a lot more is coming… Stay tuned for what is to come! For another quarter of building and good trading!

About 01 Exchange

01 Exchange is a fully decentralized orderbook-based derivatives exchange on Solana, supporting perpetual futures and power perpetuals. It features an on-chain limit orderbook through a deep integration with Project Serum, cross-collateralization, powerful cross-margining, and yield-earning deposits, all without sacrificing on decentralization. To learn more about 01 Exchange, visit https://01.xyz/ or https://twitter.com/01_exchange.

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