01 Exchange Launches — New UI and UX built by Traders, for Traders

01 Exchange launches a brand new, powerful, and seamless user interface and experience with pro traders in mind.

01 Exchange
2 min readJul 29, 2022


Existing DeFi and crypto user interfaces (UI) and experiences (UX) are clunky, non-intuitive, inconsistent and outdated. Most centralized exchanges also deliver hard to use and navigate interfaces. These existing UIs work against their users, not for them.

As traders, the team at 01 Exchange sought to rebuild the trading interface and end-to-end trading experience with consumers and pro-traders in mind. With a product first mindset, the team built the new UI and UX so that it would help, not hinder, users to trade more efficiently. The goal is also to build a memorable end-to-end experience, one that traders can’t experience anywhere else, from beautifully informative dashboards, to unique customization, and more.

There’s still much left to build, but this is only the beginning of a brand new design direction. If you’re excited about a more intuitive, functional, and user-first exchange that works for and not against the user experience, please join our community at https://01.xyz/ and we look forward to your feedback!

About 01 Exchange

01 Exchange is a fully decentralized orderbook-based derivatives exchange on Solana, supporting perpetual futures and power perpetuals. It features an on-chain limit orderbook through a deep integration with Project Serum, cross-collateralization, powerful cross-margining, and yield-earning deposits, all without sacrificing on decentralization. To learn more about 01 Exchange, visit https://01.xyz/ or https://twitter.com/01_exchange.

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