01 Exchange — Power Perpetuals Early Access for the Trading Circle Members

01 Exchange
3 min readMar 10, 2022

Yesterday, 01 Exchange has officially announced the launch date of its Power Perpetuals for early adopters! Starting Monday, all members of the Trading Circle will receive exclusive access to the 01 Trading Platform for power perps. For the past few weeks, our team has spent countless hours on auditing, testing, and onboarding top-liquidity providers to provide the best possible trading experience.

What are Power Perpetuals? #SQUOL

Power Perpetuals are a perpetual derivative that offers a unique payout structure by raising a perpetual future underlying price to a power. Hence, if Squared Solana (²) would be worth 10,000$ (if Sol is at 100$), square root Solana (¹/2) would be 10$, and so forth. This property is enforced by changing the typical perpetual futures funding rate to `mark — index^power`.

Thanks to this unique characteristic, users can have extended leverage on positions, for example, if the price of the underlying assets doubles, its squared counterpart will 4x in price instead. The main advantage that Powers offer is the ability to mitigate the liquidation risk. Indeed, unlike perpetual, power perps cannot get liquidated thanks to their positive convexity.

There is, however, much more utility and usage available with power perps as well as some risks involved that it would be impossible to summarize in a few lines more than you can read more about in our full article about Power Perpetuals here.

Get Early Access!

To reward our supporters we’ve decided to allow them to experience first-hand the trading of the first Power Perps on Solana. In order, to do so, they need to fulfill certain requirements or win our 01 Allegiance NFT through an event/giveaway!

01 Allegiance NFT

The 01 Allegiance NFT can be claimed in a few different ways

  1. Trading
  • Reach $1500 in Total Volume

2. Giveaways & Lucky Traders

  • Compete in 01 Events & Giveaways on Discord & Twitter
  • Be one of the lucky traders who receive the 01 Allegiance NFT airdrop throughout the day

The snapshot for the NFT airdrop will be taken each day!

Make sure to join our latest Giveaway below for a chance to win an exclusive NFT👇

01 QR Code Allegiance NFT Giveaway

Besides early access to the power perps, all 01 Trading Circle members will also gain access to exclusive channels on discord and other benefits such as regular trading credit giveaways, insider and alpha chats, future releases news, access to exclusive masterminds, Private AMAs, the ability to create referral links & much more!

Get your chance to join the Trading Circle & Learn more by joining our Discord!