01 Exchange launches First-Ever Decentralized APE-PERP, up to 20x Leverage!

01 Exchange is incredibly excited to announce the release of the first-ever $APE Perpetual futures market on a fully decentralized derivatives exchange. Starting today, traders will be able to long & short ApeCoin using over 7 different collaterals, cross-collateralized and cross-margined, at 01.xyz.

To start trading, simply make a deposit using either your Metamask, Phantom or Terra wallet and place your trade. Deposited collateral also accrues passive yield through 01’s automated borrow lending pools.

All traders that reach $1500 in volume will also be airdropped the 01 Allegiance NFT giving access to community benefits and early access to Power Perpetuals (#SQUOL).

About 01 Exchange

01 Exchange is a fully decentralized orderbook-based derivatives exchange on Solana, supporting perpetual futures and power perpetuals. It features an on-chain limit orderbook through a deep integration with Project Serum, cross-collateralization, powerful cross-margining, and yield-earning deposits, all without sacrificing on decentralization. To learn more about 01 Exchange, visit https://01.xyz/ or https://twitter.com/01_exchange.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_exchange

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01 Exchange

01 Exchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_exchange

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