01 Exchange Introduces — The Trading Circle

The Trading Circle — Exclusive 01 NFT Association

01 Exchange is happy to announce that we’ve officially passed the 1 Month mark since our launch. During this time, 01 has amassed over 5500 unique traders and over 500 active daily traders. To reward our earliest and most active supporters for our first month anniversary we’ve decided to release “The Trading Circle”.

What is The Trading Circle?
Since the start, the goal has been to decentralize everything a centralized exchange offers, and do it better, with the community being the driving force behind it. Hence, The Trading Circle. An insider community of traders on 01 Exchange.

Members of the group will gain access to the exclusive channels and benefits by completing the required steps listed at the end. The benefits consist of
regular giveaways, insider and alpha chats, future releases news, access to exclusive masterminds, Private AMAs, the ability to create referral links & much more!

The NFTs will be airdrop to qualified traders at the end of each day!

01 Allegiance NFT

By obtaining the 01 Allegiance NFT, traders will be automatically verified inside our discord server, thus, getting access to the exclusive perks and benefits.

How to be part of the Trading Circle?

The 01 Allegiance NFT can be claimed in a few different ways

2. Giveaways & Lucky Traders

  • Be one of the lucky traders who receive the 01 Allegiance NFT airdrop throughout the day

The snapshot for the NFT airdrop will be taken each day!



Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_exchange

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