01 Exchange Partners Up with Wormhole to Implement Ethereum as Collateral

01 Exchange is excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered up with Wormhole to add Ethereum as collateral on 01!

Ethereum will be the 5th supported collateral on 01 Exchange on top of USDC, USDT, SOL, and BTC. Cross collateral gives users the flexibility of choice while trading, allowing them to make their deposits and trade without having to swap & exchange their assets. Deposited collateral also accrues passive yield through 01’s automated borrow lending pools.

Deposit using any of the five available collaterals to start trading! More exciting news coming this week, so make sure to stay tuned!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_exchange

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01 Exchange

01 Exchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_exchange

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