01 Devnet Launch Details: Everlastings and Binary Options

01's public devnet will be going live on Solana starting September 13th.

The devnet launch is an opportunity for the community to try out everlastings and binary options before they go live on mainnet, and to get a head start in
understanding this new asset type. And by nature of it being a devnet
version, we will be closely monitoring performance, and taking in

If you don’t know what everlastings or binaries are, check out our previous articles here:

Everlastings: https://docs.01protocol.com/trading/everlasting

Binaries: https://docs.01protocol.com/trading/binary-options

In addition to learning more about trading on 01, you get the opportunity to earn a very exclusive limited edition NFT Bit token.

💎 The 01 NFT Bit Token

Bit Token #128 (not in circulation)

Each NFT Bit Token is inscribed with a unique binary number
identifier from the LEDs (example #17 = 10001). There will only be
100 unique NFTs distributed in total.

Owning the NFT enables access to exclusive perks in the 01
, including but not limited to:

fee discounts, governance, airdrops, events, merchandise, and more

How to get it?

There will be 4 primary ways of receiving a limited edition NFT Bit

2. Discord Giveaway

3. Devnet Participation

4. Devnet Performance

👋 Join us

Site: https://01protocol.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/01_protocol

Discord: https://discord.gg/01protocol

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/onboard01

(Disclaimer: none of this is financial advice)